British Summer School

NOVUS is pleased to introduce a selection of the very best summer schools in the UK for children from the age of 6 to 18+. We offer stimulating academic and cultural programmes which will provide a rich educational experience for your child.

Most of our courses provide 3-4 hours of academic tuition each morning and offer a range of activities options in the afternoons. These include sports, horse riding, football, tennis, swimming, archery etc. plus other activities such as cooking, arts and crafts, drama, and music.

In addition, there is usually at least one full day excursion each week to a local city or attraction. Evenings are typically action-packed too, with games, quiz nights and social parties. We are confident that your child will certainly never be bored nor have time to be homesick!

Our featured summer schools are mostly held on the campuses of prestigious boarding schools or university colleges and run either by the schools themselves or by reputable organisations with many years’ experience of running residential summer programmes for children.

Prices vary according to the summer school content, location and facilities, but generally you can expect to pay £900-£1600 per week per child for all tuition, activities, accommodation and meals. 

If you are unsure of which programme would best suit your child, please contact us for advice or complete our ENQUIRY FORM to find the most affordable summer school programme in the UK.