Conferences & Events

Our aim is to provide a platform to innovative academicians and researchers around the globe to share their knowledge with the world. Our regional offices are located in Europe, India, Turkey, UAE and Pakistan. We also encourage research activities by organising research training workshops, conferences and publishing high-quality research manuscripts in reputable international journals across the globe.

Our services are modular and scalable for events of all sizes. We create flexible and integrated solutions to handle strategic and logistical challenges for academic institutions.

Host Virtual Open Days Events

We organise multi-session Virtual Open Days on behalf of our partner institutions. These events are the virtual alternative to traditional open houses at colleges or universities. They are great because they are highly interactive and give a similar look and feel to a physical event.

Choosing a college or university to study the best study programme is a life-changing – and often daunting – decision, and Virtual Open Days give prospective students the freedom and flexibility to learn more about potential academic institutions, so they can make a more informed decision.

Host Virtual Conferences

Similar to conventional conferences, virtual conferences are highly engaging and include a series of lectures, presentations and Q&A sessions to interact with attendees. There is a high increase in virtual conferences after the COVID-19 lockdown situation. The institutions are turning to online resources in replacement of grand events, usually held in hotels and convention centres. The current restrictions imposed on travel and mass gatherings have placed most event organisers in a tight spot. Some organisers were able to reschedule their conferences, but many events had to be cancelled completely. If we can find a positive aspect of this situation then we can see that many organisers can still bring people together safely by opting for virtual conferencing. Apart from safety, virtual events attract a large crowd of students and cover a wider geographical region.