Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership


This Level 8 Diploma is designed for developing and implementing effective strategies across ambitious growing organisations. Strategic management is for Executive Directors and Senior Managers and for those who have the authority and personal inspiration to translate organisational strategy into effective corporate performance. The Diploma requires aspiring or current directors and senior managers to build a knowledge and understanding in strategic direction and leadership and to focus growth and performance across all levels of an organisation; making it competitive and responsive to acquiring tomorrow’s business.


  • Leadership Qualities and Practice
  • Personal Leadership Development as a Strategic Manager
  • Strategy Development in Cross Border and Global Organisations
  • Strategic Planning in Cross Border and Global Organisations
  • Strategic Direction in Cross Border and Global Organisations
  • Strategic Communication
  • Culture and its Impact on Strategy
  • Research Methods

Key Features

  1. To understand and apply the principles of strategic leadership in a business environment
  2. Review and apply the principles of business management within industry
  3. To understand and apply the principles of strategic management in a specific environment
  4. To improve the employability of learners by allowing them to explore the relationship between management theories and their practical application in the business world.
  5. Analyse problem solving techniques specific to business and industry
  6. Select, collate, review and analyse information form a wide range of sources
  7. Work independently and as part of a team
  8. Manage one’s own personal development and growth
  • Level 7 Qualification or;
  • Master’s Degree

General Information

Course Code



 1 Day

Study Option / Tuition Fees

Distance Learning – Self-paced
Tuition Fees – £2000
Distance Learning – Webinar Support
Tuition Fees – £2500
Learning Partners – On-campus Learning
Tuition Fees –  £3000
Live Virtual Lectures – Directly From UK
Tuition Fees – £3500

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