About Us

We are innovative and tireless education consultancy for executive and higher education. We work with university and college clients in the United Kingdom to promote British education in the world. We help these colleges and universities to generate innovative ways to enrol more students and create a greater global awareness of the opportunities available. We offer positive learning opportunities and global immersion for international and home students. By identifying key tools and trends in education and incorporating best practices, we help to increase enrolments for our partner institutions.

We take the time to learn about partner institutions to maximise their returns in the highly competitive sphere of higher education and student recruitment. Our expert consultants understand the institutional requirements and the demand of student’s intercultural interaction.

What we can offer?

  • UK University Admissions: Find out more about how to apply to study at UK universities as an international or local student. We can find the students who are seeking the UK learning experience and guide them from start to finish.
  • Legal Education: Our partner institutions are offering short introductory law training programmes to provide a good understanding of the law to enable you to build on existing knowledge or learn something completely new.
  • Executive Trainings: We have formed academic and strategic partnerships with different delivery partners who has over 40 years combined experience of providing training solutions to a wide range of businesses. We relish the opportunity to work with organisations to improve workplace performance.
  • Worldwide Recognised Courses: We can help you to find the course that will fulfil your academic ambitions.
  • Summer Schools: With our partner institutions, we can offer a British summer school experience that widens cultural knowledge. Percipients can learn lots of things and experience the London life. We organise UK university tours as well.
  • Doctoral Research Conferences: We can organise and manage conferences for international researchers and PhD students. This is an opportunity to receive recognition for your research work.
  • Client Services: We do all we can to shape our services to our clients’ needs. Ask us and we will do all we can to fulfil your  educational requests.